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alexandre-leurs-psychologue-bruxellesGiven that I was Born in Mexico City, raised in an European family and professionally developed in two different cultural contexts, I am particularly keen to socio-cultural diversity and therefore, to everyday life’s polymorphic nature. psychologist brussel

Indeed, each of us observes, interprets and signifies reality as he sees fit by appealing to past experiences. The polymorphic aspect of reality suggests that the therapeutic work must be consistent with the values ​​and beliefs of the one making the request. eft therapy

In this sense, my bi-culturalism has motivated me to develop flexible and diversified tools that could respond to different circumstances as well as demands. This principle entertains the framework of care I propose: customize the therapeutic device to meet your needs and expectations in a way that suits you. Lets leave aside theoretical assumptions so that your experiences, your opinions, your worries and your intuitions can take place, get to work and discover different ways of understanding reality and therefore, of being human. psychologist brussel, eft therapy ixelles, psychologist alexandre leurs

Customizing the therapeutic framework highlights some facets of your life that will become important levers of work. As the Fox says in the Little Prince: « the essential is invisible to the eyes. » psychologist brussel, therapy brussel

Focused on a humanistic and narrative vision, I propose a space to fill with the imagination of our future dialogues. This fundamental tool of human existence (at least as much as reason!) has nevertheless not been exploited in the therapeutic realm. Imagination is not only children’s game; it is also the tool of daydreaming and possibilities. It will allow us to either build the sense of what leads you to read these lines or, to adapt available tools to your lifestyle and ways of being.

Thus, I invite you to undertake a journey of discoveries and transformations through which we will find clues to build the answers you seek. therapy brussel, psychologist ixelles, eft therapy brussel, psychologist eft brussel

Hope to meet you, alexandre leurs psychologist eft brusssel

Alexander Leurs Massart. alexandre leurs english psychologist brussel

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